Engagement shoot

We love pre-wedding shoots (also known as engagement shoots)!

We are lucky enough to have shared some fantastic sessions with engaged couples to celebrate their relationship and engagement.  These photo shoots usually take 1 – 2 hours and are often held outside in a natural environment.  In the summer, a day in the park or engagement shoot by a lake or river can be good fun, and we get a mixture of posed and natural playful photographs.

A lot of couples initially say that they don’t want an engagement shoot, as they are nervous in front of the camera or have already been engaged for a while.  But we include a session in most of our wedding packages and call them a ‘pre-wedding shoot), as they can be really worthwhile.

For couples who know where they are having their wedding celebrations, we often hold the engagement photography sessions at the wedding venue.  But you can choose somewhere more relaxed like a beach, park or woods.  This works really well as it gives us the chance to get to know the couple well and for them to feel comfortable around the camera, so that everything runs more smoothly on their big day.  These relaxed photographs are usually a great contrast to a couples’ wedding photographs as they tend to be ‘care free’ and taken at a leisurely pace without the time pressures of a wedding day.

To find out more about our ‘engagement photography’ or ‘pre-wedding’ packages then please get in touch and we would love to speak with you