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Wedding Group Photos

Group wedding photos are an essential part of your big day – and we want to make sure you get every shot you want, whilst taking the shortest time possible so that you get back to enjoying a glass of bubbles with your guests!

Let’s be honest – this is often the part of the day that couples enjoy least.  You will have literally just said ‘I do’ and won’t have spoken to most of your guests yet – but it’s definitely best to get the any formal posed shots done as soon as possible.  Once the group photos are finished, you can relax and enjoy the reception with your friends and family.

Groups shots don’t have to be too formal, and we often recommend a mixture of traditionally posed and some more light-hearted fun photos. These are usually the photos that parents and grandparents love to have on show in their home and a framed print makes a great gift!

Are there a standard set of group photographs?

In short, no! It’s your wedding day and so it’s important you get the group photos you want – whether that’s just a handful, or lots of different combinations. The main thing to bear in mind is that the newlywed couple are generally in all of the group photos.

Typically, the different combinations of photos that couples tend to want include each set of parents, siblings, the wider families, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and friends. Sometimes people want photos with other groups such as work colleagues, sports teams or university friends.  So it’s worth thinking about which shots are the most important to you and when we have our planning meeting before the wedding day we can run through how many photos are needed and what the best order to take them in would be.

When and where should group photos be taken?

There are a number of things to think about for wedding group photos. There are no hard and fast rules as no two weddings are the same. But having said that, in our experience some things just work.

As we’ve already suggested, it’s usually best to get the group photos taken almost straight after the ceremony.  It’s easiest while all the guests are nearby and haven’t disappeared for a drink or started looking around your wedding venue. But equally the decision can depend on the weather on the day and making the most of dry spells if there’s a chance of rain.

As for where the groups photos should be taken, you can leave that to us to decide where is best. Of course we want to make sure you have a beautiful background, but it’s just as important to think about where the sun is  – as group photos can be spoiled by people squinting in bright light, or shadows being cast across some of your group.  We also understand things runs smoothly when the photos are taken near to where your guests are having reception drinks – so time isn’t lost getting people together as needed.

If you’re getting married at a church or a different location from your wedding reception we can help you think about which location provides the best opportunity for your group photos.  This is where our experience and knowledge of wedding venues really is a benefit – along with being able to adapt on the day to anything that needs to be considered.

How to help the group shots run smoothly on the wedding day?

The best way to save you time on the wedding day is to make sure the photo lists and timings for are planned for in advance.  We include a planning meeting with each of our wedding photography packages, to ensure we know what shots you want in advance of the day.  We arrange the photo list so that people are needed for the least amount of time.

To help to get through the photo list quickly we would ask for a an usher or bridesmaid to help gather everyone together ready for the photos they are needed for. Ideally they will know who family and friends are which will make things quicker and avoid the need to call out across your guests.

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